Jacksonville’s St. John’s River

Perhaps the most prominent feature of our hometown, Jacksonville, Florida, is the majestic St. John’s River.

At 310 miles, the St. John’s is the longest river in Florida and its most significant in terms of commercial and recreational use.

It is one of the few northward-flowing rivers in the United States and borders or flows through 12 Florida counties, including Duval, the home county of our business, Get Ranked On Page One.

From its headwaters in Brevard County until it empties into the Atlantic Ocean near Mayport in Jacksonville, the St. John’s experiences a drop of only 30 feet in elevation, leading to a flow rate of only .3 miles per hour and the designation of a “lazy” river.

Because of its very slow flow rate, the St. John’s level is affected by tides for over 100 miles of its length. As a result, much of the river in Jacksonville is part seawater and, as a result, it’s not unusual to spot dolphins on the river in downtown, some 30 miles from the river’s mouth.

But it’s the final 35 miles of the St. John’s, from the Buckman Bridge (I-295) to the river’s mouth, that we in Jacksonville are concerned with.

The St. John’s bisects downtown Jacksonville and a series of bridges and a water-taxi connect the north and south banks.

Two large navy bases are located on the St. John’s in Jacksonville. Naval Air Station  Jacksonville is located on the west bank of the river southwest of downtown, and Naval Station Mayport, the second largest on the east coast, is located near the mouth of the St. John’s.

An automobile ferry crosses the St. John’s from Mayport Village to Ft George Island, connecting two segments of State Road A1A. A small shrimping fleeet located at Mayport Village supplies the Jacksonville area with delicious shrimp on a daily basis.

The St. John’s provides a wonderful venue for boating, windsurfing, fishing, and other types of water-related activities for enjoyment by many Jacksonvillians, including those of us at gertrankedonpageone.com.

I hope that you’ll someday have the chance to explore and enjoy Jacksonville and its portion of the beautiful St. John’s river.