Want to be happy? Travel!

I’m always happy to travel because travel makes me happy. I’m happy to see new sights, try new things, taste new foods, and see other travelers enjoying themselves.

For me, and I know that I speak for others here at Get Ranked On Page One, traveling is relaxing, rejuvenating, and refreshing.

Journalist and travel planner Winnie So, asked some people if travel made them happy. Here are some excerpts from her (2011) article:

–Travel makes us happy because it promises us the self-discovery needed to reach the pinnacle of Abraham Maslow’s view of the human hierarchy of needs.

–Travel makes us happy because it offers us the opportunity to step outside our well-worn, self-constructed, plebian realities and provides a platform to explore and practice our ideal visions for ourselves — who we might be if we weren’t married to our fears and anxieties about safety, security, and status.

Dr. Stefan Klein, author of “The Science of Happiness”

Does travel make you happy? “The pleasures of discovery, the joy of meeting people from other backgrounds and finally the thrill of tasting food I would not get at home usually far exceed all strains of traveling.”
I am most happy: “Wherever I feel connected to the history of humankind or of our planet. Like in the National Museums of Cairo, Athens, and Delhi, marveling at the beginnings of Western and Asian cultures. On Manhattan, where millions of immigrants made their first steps into a new life. And any place from where I get a glimpse of the peaks of the Alps, or even better, the Himalayas.”

Professor A. C. Grayling,¬†author of “Thinking of Answers: Questions in the Philosophy of Everyday Life”

Does travel make you happy? “Yes, because travel expands the mind and spirit, is educative, and puts one in touch with new people and ideas. The places that make me happy are great cities with vibrant culture, and beautiful countryside.”
–Lu Ping, diplomat and writer
Does travel make you happy? “Very much so. Most of the places I travel to make me very happy. My eyes are refreshed and my spirit renewed by the scenery of places such as Angkor Wat.

–Lewis Iwu, former World Universities Debating Champion
Does travel make you happy? “Travel makes me very happy. I enjoy discovering new cultures and embracing the history of the country I’m in. I’m lucky to live in a cosmopolitan city so it makes travel even more interesting.
Many of these people expressed the same reasons for the love of travel that I have.
One thing that I have personally found is that one doesn’t have to travel very far from home to experience the things that make one happy. They may even be located under one’s nose, as many of us at getrankedonpageone.com continually discover in northeast Florida.
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